Capturing the Marriage Proposal

Capturing the Marriage Proposal

Photos by Larry Stanley Photography

By Justin Post

Yellowstone Newspapers

If you have ever been married, you are probably already aware that people like to ask the question, “how did he propose?”

Grooms-to-be have come up with some creative and elaborate ways to pop the question.

And now, there’s a growing trend to immortalize the big moment with the help of a professional photographer.

Livingston photographer Larry Stanley jokes that he calls it his “secret photography.”

Stanley said he typically is contacted by men who want to propose to their girlfriends in Yellowstone National Park. Stanley then works with the boyfriend to arrange a time and place to meet and is sent pictures of the couple to help him identify them on location.

Stanley blends in quite well in Yellowstone, where tourists often are carrying cameras.

“I look like just about every other middle-aged guy with a camera and a hat and I sit around and wait for them,” Stanley said.

Engagement Moment by Larry Stanley Photography

Stanley has photographed a number of proposals in recent years in Yellowstone, and said the trend of photographing marriage proposals continues to grow.

He said he enjoys being there to witness the proposal, and to capture the emotional moment for couples.

“I think most of them are genuinely shocked,” he said. “I call it shock and awe.”

Photos © Larry Stanley Photography

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